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About Us

Welcome to Processing, Water/Waste Processing and Global Processing

For more than 25 years, Processing magazine has been about the use of innovative equipment technologies and services used to improve productivity in process operations. And that’s not about to change.

Each and every month more than 70,000 subscribers turn to Processing for the latest info about solutions for the processing environment — including everything from valves & actuators and motors & pumps to control instrumentation and energy-savings equipment solutions. Subscribers are served with highly readable feature articles, tutorials, case studies and guest columns, as well as the latest information on product technologies.

Expanded digital opportunities

Today, Processing is much more than a magazine. To start, our website,, can be a first stopping off place for researching equipment and other type processing solutions. Our daily electronic newsletters, for Processing, Water/Waste Processing and Global Processing deliver breaking stories right to the desktop, without busy operations and management personnel having to search for current insights.

Water/Waste Processing magazine – covering one of the most vital process-industry sectors – will publish six times again in 2013, with a total print and electronic circulation of 110,000 worldwide. This magazine is about how process industries, and the municipalities and governmental entitities they work with, find solutions in a world where water issues are only second to energy challenges on the global agenda.

Global Processing, an all-digital magazine, brings its international audience a range of news features and case studies about process-industry enterprises fully enmeshed in both regional and global economies.

Finally, once a year we publish Flowmeter Solutions and Powder/Bulk Handling Solutions, to cover the latest breakthrough in these important marketplace technologies, including how they improve productivity, cut costs and streamline operations.

Integrated marketing

Taken together, our offerings allow advertisers to mount integrated marketing campaigns across multiple media, while focusing on a select audience of operations, engineering and management decision-makers.

Readers have a unique opportunity to learn about trillion-dollar, leading-edge process industries bringing vital sustenance to a planet of 7 billion people.

For information on advertising in Processing magazine or, contact a member of our Sales Team below.

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