For more than 25 years, Processing magazine has delivered the reach you need across all the process industries – including food, pharmaceutical, chemical, petroleum and plastics industries and the engineering, consulting and construction firms that design and build plants. View a live feed of our Web statistics here.

For information on advertising in Processing, Water/Waste Processing and Global Processing magazine or, contact a member of our Sales Team below.

Michael C. Christian, Group Publisher
Phone: 908-507-5472 | Fax: 205-408-3797 | Email:

Jay Haas, District Manager
Phone: 205-572-1058 | Fax: 205-408-3797 | Email:

Jim Semple, National Accounts Manager
Phone: 908-963-3008 | Fax: 205-408-3797 | Email:

Lisa Williman, Accounts Manager
Phone: 205-332-5915 | Email:

Ashley Jones, Account Manager
Phone: 205-995-1593 | Fax: 205-408-3797 | Email:

Mortesha Perkins, Production Customer Service
Phone: 205-981-5136 | Fax: 205-408-3797 | Email:

Mary Beth Romano, Digital Operations Manager
Phone: 205-980-5654 | Fax: 205-408-3797 | Email:

Cookie Rayford, Advertising Customer Service
Phone: 205-408-3789 | Fax: 205-408-3797 | Email:

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