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Alternative to ball decks keeps fine-mesh screens clear

December 01, 2012

Cleveland-Vibrator_TurbomiteDid you know that the perennially popular way to reduce screen mesh blinding involves putting a set of rubber balls, supported by a coarser mesh, under a fine mesh screen? The balls vibrate against the fine mesh screen’s underside, tending to dislodge materials from the openings. This works for a screen that is coarser than 30 or 40 mesh, but the high impact tends to stretch the wire.

In April Cleveland Vibrator Co. of Cleveland, Ohio, introduced a better method. The Turbomite Deblinding System uses a high-frequency, mini-turbine, air-operated vibrator that attaches directly to the screen surface to agitate the wire mesh. Running at nearly 20,000 rpm, the high-frequency vibration emanating from the center-mounted Turbomite agitates the wire mesh of the screen frame, keeping materials from lodging in the screen openings.

In wet applications, such as clay or ceramic slurries, and in dry, including fine powders or ill-shaped materials, the Turbomite reduces blinding, preventing premature screen failure and increasing production. It can also be applied to nonmetallic screens such as nylon or polyester. Common applications include increasing production rates on materials such as ceramics or clays; improving screen life on dry bulk screening such as metal powders or chemicals; and dislodging non-uniform particulates such as abrasives or pellets from screen openings. At 20,000 vibrations per minute frequency the pneumatic vibrator imparts high energy to the screen without impacting or damaging it.

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