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Total Inline Solution for Metal Control

MPE Pro-TectorModern Process Equipment’s Pro-Tector combines the benefits of a magnetic separator and metal detector all in one compact, combined unit. Designed for use in gravity-feed pipes to monitor for metal contaminants in continuous-flowing granules or powders such as sugar, flour, corn meal or spices, the Pro-Tector’s integrated drawer magnet provides maximum magnetic separation of contaminants. Product first flows through the drawer magnet, which is located at the top of the unit, and then ferrous-free product continues through a gravity-feed metal detector. The Pro-Tector’s integrated drawer magnet employs twin layers of rare-earth magnetic tubes to provide maximum magnetic separation of metal contaminants, and its quick-clean feature allows the operator to clean the unit in under ten seconds. Extremely reliable and easy to use, the Pro-Tector’s integrated metal detector features a straightforward operating system that quickly guides the user through set-up and operation.

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