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Climate change could have dramatic effect on US Southwest's water supply by end-century

Over the past few years, communities in the U.S. Southwest have increasingly felt the devastating effect of drought and, according to a report by a team of scientists at the University of Arizona, the worst is yet to come.
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UK to face water shortages in medium- to long-term, study claims

Britain's power grid may be seriously affected by water shortages in the future, a new study warns.
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Colorado business leaders propose measures to deal with water shortage

A new report published by business organization Environmental Entrepreneurs warns of the effect of climate change on Colorado's water supply and states that there is an increasing gap between the state's water supply and demand.
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Texas studies feasibility of Gulf of Mexico desalination plant

The study will focus on the proposed construction of a 500MW natural gas-fired power plant next to a seawater desalination facility along the Texas gulf coast that would process from 25 to 50 million gallons of seawater per day into fresh drinking water.
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Desalination increasingly popular solution to water shortage problem

Desalination projects are becoming increasingly common globally, as drinkable water reserves are getting scarce and the population increases, causing the demand for clean water to rise accordingly.
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Scientist develops method for producing electricity from wastewater

Dealing with challenges of any kind often requires thinking outside the box. Such an approach can be very useful when trying to figure out ways to tackle the global issue of energy resources and sustainability.
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