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Articles Tagged with ''hydraulic fracturing''

EPA presents guidance on permitting use of diesel in fracking

February 26, 2014
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has presented its draft guidelines for states regarding issuing permits to drilling companies that use diesel fuel in fracking oil and natural gas wells.
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Fracking accounts for half of total water consumption in some Texas counties

February 25, 2014
Oil and gas companies in Texas may face a severe shortage of water for their fracking operations if they continue to drill at current rates, according to a new report.
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North Dakota well spills oil, fracking fluid

February 18, 2014
A hydraulic fracturing well in North Dakota started leaking fracking fluid and oil on February 13, spilling an estimated 200 barrels of oil per day.
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Half of fracking wells in water-stressed areas

February 12, 2014
According to a new report by green investment group Ceres, hydraulic fracturing is fueling demand for water that many areas in the United States are unable to meet, since they are already water-stressed.
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Researchers look into possible link between Texas earthquakes, injection wells

February 11, 2014
Researchers at Southern Methodist University have been collecting seismic data linked to the series of small earthquakes northwest of Fort Worth, Texas, in an attempt to determine whether they are related to wastewater injection wells.
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Research links fracking to birth defects in babies

February 7, 2014
Babies born to mothers who live in areas near shale gas drilling wells are more likely to suffer birth defects, including congenital problems with their hearts and neural tube, a new study conducted by the Colorado School of Public Health warns.
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Scientists debate link between Oklahoma earthquakes, fracking wastewater

February 4, 2014
Research on the effect of injecting fracking wastewater on seismic activity in the state of Oklahoma has divided the U.S. scientific community.
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Study dispels myth about disproportionate wastewater production from fracking wells

January 28, 2014
Natural gas wells where hydraulic fracturing is used generate less wastewater per unit of gas recovered compared to conventional wells.
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Fracking fluids, chemicals market to reach $20.4 billion in 2018

January 24, 2014
The key growth driver for the fracking fluids and chemicals market is the need to tap more unconventional oil and gas reserves.
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Radioactivity in fracking water reduced with new method

January 15, 2014
The method mixes fracking wastewater with acid drainage from mining operations or with salty water to create easily removable solids.
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