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Articles Tagged with ''food processing''

Diseases linked to Salmonella, Campylobacter decrease in Europe

February 24, 2014

The number of people suffering from campylobacteriosis in the European Union dropped for the first time in five years in 2012 but it remains the most common foodborne disease.

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Majority of Americans want government more involved in food safety

February 10, 2014
The vast majority of Americans would like to see the government more involved in food safety oversight, according to a new survey.
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Food preservatives market to reach $2.7 billion in 2018, analysts predict

January 28, 2014
The key growth drivers are rising demand for natural foods and safety issues where processed products are concerned.
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FDA proposes rule to protect food supply chain

January 6, 2014
The proposal outlines a preventive strategy that will protect the U.S. food supply chain from serious public health risks.
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Florida residents rank food safety among top concerns

December 5, 2013
Researchers gauged public perception of 15 issues covering a wide range of topics and food safety emerged as the third most important, with 85 percent of respondents defining it as extremely or highly important.
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Federal government shutdown leaves hundreds of food facilities uninspected

October 3, 2013
A vast majority of inspections at food manufacturing and processing facilities have been suspended as a consequence of the federal government shutdown.
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Future trends for food processing plants revealed

September 10, 2013
While it is impossible to predict what food processing plants of the future are going to look like, there are a few trends that will certainly play a significant role for the future of the industry.
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US to allow processed chicken imports from China

September 4, 2013
The U.S. is planning to allow the sale of poultry meat processed in China, following a decision by the USDA.
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Trident Seafoods to invest $41 million in Georgia plant

August 16, 2013
The Seattle-based company, which is North America's biggest seafood harvester and processor, said on Wednesday that it would open a plant in Carrollton, bringing 175 jobs to the people of Carroll County.
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High-pressure processing can reduce risk of food contamination, company claims

July 8, 2013
U.S.-based high-pressure processing solutions provider All Natural Freshness has announced the launch of its new buffering solution that could cut costs for food production and processing companies by offering increased contamination protection and eliminating the need for costly recalls almost entirely.
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