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California packing company recalls fresh fruit over suspected listeria contamination

July 28, 2014
California-based Wawona Packing Co. has started a recall of several lots of fresh fruit distributed across the United States, citing concerns of possible listeria contamination as the reason for the move.
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Wal-Mart reaches out-of-court agreement with 23 claimants in listeria outbreak cases

May 19, 2014
Supermarket chain Wal-Mart has settled 23 civil cases linked to the 2011 listeria outbreak that killed 33 people who consumed contaminated cantaloupe sold by the company.
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FDA orders cheese company to cease operations due to Listeria contamination

May 12, 2014
A U.S. district court judge has entered a consent decree of permanent injunction between the U.S. FDA and Finger Lakes Farmstead Cheese Company, LLC, after federal inspectors repeatedly asked the company to improve its manufacturing processes to prevent Listeria contamination.
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Minnesota company recalls peanut butter, spreads over Listeria concerns

March 28, 2014
Minnesota food manufacturer Parkers Farm Inc. has initiated a voluntary recall of a series of products, including cheese, peanut butter, salsa, dips and spreads, over concerns of possible Listeria contamination.
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Listeria from cheese kills one, sickens seven

February 28, 2014
A listeria outbreak, most likely linked with "Hispanic-style" cheese, has killed one person in California and has sickened seven people in Maryland.
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Listeria developing resistance to disinfectants, researchers find

November 6, 2013
One of the most common causes of foodborne diseases, listeria, is developing resistance to some of the most frequently used disinfectants that dairy processors use to get rid of the bacterium.
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CDC: Listeria kills one of five affected

June 7, 2013
As many as 90 percent of the people affected by the foodborne disease are elderly, pregnant women, newborns or have weakened immune systems, the CDC said.
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US meat and poultry producers join forces to reduce Listeria outbreaks

June 3, 2013
U.S. meat and poultry manufacturers and processors are committed to reducing the number of foodborne illnesses, especially listeriosis, according to the chief scientist at the American Meat Institute (AMI) Foundation.
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Researchers develop method to eliminate bacteria in food products

April 4, 2013
Researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in Troy, N.Y., have developed a new method to eliminate deadly pathogenic bacteria in food products and packaging, without the need for antibiotics or chemicals.
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FDA takes action against Chicago-based sprout producer

February 27, 2013
The U.S. Food And Drug Administration has entered into a consent decree of permanent injunction with U Joo Foods, headquartered in Chicago, Ill., a sprout processor whose production had failed to meet sanitary standards.
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