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Chem Show announces dates for 100th Anniversary event

July 1, 2014

The Chem Show will hold the 2015 100th Anniversary event on Nov. 17-19 at the Javits Convention Center in New York City, the show's organizers announced this week.

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We saw it at the Chem Show in New York City

December 17, 2013
It was cold walking the streets to the Jacob Javits Center for last week’s Chem Show. Inside, a warm feeling pervaded as tough times are past and the industry outlook is modestly upbeat. The idea that consumers want a solution, not a product, is not a new one. But there is a quickening of the pace at which various plant functions are being out-sourced to third parties.
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2013 Breakthrough Products on display in NYC at December’s Chem Show

November 19, 2013
Even for those especially adverse to the cold, the allure of Christmastime in Manhattan, as so lusciously depicted in the Hollywood movies, is a powerful one.
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Innovate, explore and be inspired

November 1, 2013
Many years ago when I was a young engineer just out of college, I realized that what I learned in school was just a fraction of what I would need to know to succeed in the “real world.” I discovered that every project presents its own unique set of challenges and I learned that new technology was constantly presenting new solutions. I also began to worry about how I would stay abreast of these ever-changing trends and technologies.
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Rising economic tide ‘floats’ product solutions at 2013 CHEM SHOW

October 18, 2013
It’s not surprising news that an improving economy generally benefits most industrial sectors. However, several interesting findings were discovered in a survey we recently sent more than 200 manufacturing companies that will be exhibiting at the 2013 CHEM SHOW in New York City this December.
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Major US chemical industry projects set to spend near $30 billion on equipment

September 1, 2013
A recent report from the American Chemistry Council (ACC) includes a very optimistic economic outlook for the Chemical Processing Industries (CPI) through the year 2020 due to investments linked to low-cost shale gas.
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What do Thomas Edison and thousands of processing professionals have in common?

August 1, 2013
From the very first event in 1915, when America’s most famous inventor came looking for inspiration, until this year, the CHEM SHOW has always been a leading source of innovative solutions for processing professionals.
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Processing professionals can reap benefits from both classroom & show floor ‘learning’

May 9, 2013

It seems that whenever I have discussions with processing professionals about their biggest challenges, the need for ongoing education and training always ranks near the top.

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AIChE to present educational conference at CHEM SHOW 2013

April 12, 2013
The AIChE Northeast Manufacturing Conference at the CHEM SHOW will feature experts presenting information specifically geared toward engineers working in the process industries.
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Key indicators point to a robust 2013 CHEM SHOW

April 4, 2013
A steadily improving economy and the pressing need for manufacturers to invest in new processing equipment bodes well for both the chemical processing industries and the 55th biennial CHEM SHOW that will be held Dec. 10-12 in New York City.
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