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Blast at Essex chemical plant causes caustic soda leak

An explosion at an industrial chemical plant in southeast England on Thursday led to a leak of caustic soda, forcing local people to stay indoors for hours until the situation was deemed safe by the emergency services.
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President Obama orders review of chemical plant safety

U.S. President Barack Obama has instructed federal agencies to start a probe into safety rules at chemical plants as part of a project intended to prevent incidents similar to the deadly blast at the fertilizer plant in West, Texas in April.
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California senator proposes stricter safety rules on chemical plants

U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer has called for state and federal agencies to review rules for handling the potentially explosive fertilizer ammonium nitrate, claiming that lax oversight may be a risk factor for possible future incidents.
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Chemical plant explosion blamed on equipment malfunction

An explosion early Sunday morning at the Hexion Specialty Chemicals facility in Sheboygan, Wis., that caused about $25,000 in damage was blamed on an equipment malfunction.
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Magnablend to pay fine for chemical plant fire

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality will vote Jan. 30 on a fine and enforcement order for an October 2011 fire at Magnablend Inc.’s Waxahachie, Texas, chemical-blending plant.
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Explosion damages chemical plant in Midland, Texas

An explosion Tuesday night at Omega Treating Chemicals in southeast Midland, Texas, damaged an oil tanker truck and two boats.
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