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Articles Tagged with ''chemical fire''

Emergency crews respond to chemical fire at Utah lab

The company was cooking four types of acids at high temperatures to make bromine when the cooking appliance overheated and caught fire.
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Fire at Georgia chemical plant forces evacuations

A chemical fire Tuesday at the Harcros Chemicals plant in Dalton, Ga., forced the evacuation of nearby residents, but did not cause any major damage.
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Magnablend to pay fine for chemical plant fire

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality will vote Jan. 30 on a fine and enforcement order for an October 2011 fire at Magnablend Inc.’s Waxahachie, Texas, chemical-blending plant.
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Explosion damages chemical plant in Midland, Texas

An explosion Tuesday night at Omega Treating Chemicals in southeast Midland, Texas, damaged an oil tanker truck and two boats.
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