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To MACT and Beyond

In the 1970s, FMC Corp., a chemical manufacturer headquartered in Philadelphia, began operating a high-efficiency thermal destruction facility to dispose of hazardous liquid wastes at its Baltimore pesticide manufacturing plant.
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Chemical Switch Cuts Costs, Improves Safety

By replacing the sodium sulfide chemistry used in its nitrogen oxide (NOx) scrubber with a non-hazardous NOx control chemistry, ChemResearch Co. Inc. (CRC; Phoenix, AZ) reduced its operating costs and eliminated a health and safety hazard.
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A breath of fresh air

When International Ingredient Corp.’s drying plant in Monroe,WI, opened in 1994, it was the first plant designed specifically for large-scale drum drying of dairy products for the feed industry.
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Modern Gas Cleaning Techniques For TRS and SO2 Control in the Pulp and Paper Industry

The control of SO2 and total reduced sulfur (TRS) emissions in the pulp and paper industry can be effectively achieved using the RotaBed™ Fluidized Bed Scrubber.

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Meeting Cluster Rule Bleach Plant Requirements Using the RotaBed™ Fluidized Bed Scrubber

The USEPA recently promulgated a new set of regulations for the Pulp and Paper industry. Called the “Cluster Rule”, the EPA sought to combine both air and water regulations into one all encompassing regulation.
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Integrated Venturi Scrubber Packages

Bionomic Industries, Inc.'s Series 7000/8000 venturi scrubbers are fully integrated pre-engineered packages complete with recirculation pumps, piping networks, instrumentation and automated controls -- all factory-assembled and tested to drastically lower engineering, installation and project costs while reducing lead times for quicker installation and on-time operation.
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