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Articles Tagged with ''shale gas''

Energy experts see benefits of rail over pipe in crude transportation

July 1, 2013
While key projects for major pipelines are being considered, some energy experts claim that shipping crude by rail is a more flexible option whose advantages over pipelines should not be overlooked.
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Ukraine to focus on resources development in search for energy independence

July 1, 2013
Ukraine will keep its position as a key energy sector partner of the European Union, particularly in regard to gas transportation and storage, according to the EU Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy.
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Fracking dries up scarce water resources, farmers claim

June 24, 2013

Farmers in many parts of the United States, especially west of the Mississippi, are competing for water against deep-pocket oil and gas companies.

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EIA report revises global shale oil and gas reserves upwards

June 12, 2013
Global reserves of shale-based resources push up the world's total potential oil reserves by 11 percent and natural gas reserves by 47 percent.
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Nebraska mulls fracking chemicals disclosure

May 29, 2013
Nebraska could be the next state that requires oil and gas drilling companies to disclose the chemicals used in their hydraulic fracturing operations, after it was announced that the state Oil and Gas Conservation Commission was working on new regulation.
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All shale gas, all the time

May 20, 2013
Not that many years ago, this editor worked in Houston on a magazine about technologies used in exploration and upstream production in the oil and gas industry.
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US oil companies sell assets overseas to invest at home

May 10, 2013
A number of large American companies have made arrangements to sell their assets abroad and redirect their capital toward domestic projects.
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Qatar Petroleum enters North American natural gas market

April 22, 2013
The dramatic increase in shale gas output in the United States in recent years has transformed the domestic energy sector but it has also had far-reaching implications in global markets.
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Could US shale boom threaten green energy sector?

April 5, 2013
While drilling for natural gas does not seem like a viable business opportunity for New England at this point, the impact of the shale gas revolution can already be felt in Massachusetts and its clean energy sector, due to the low natural gas prices.
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Fracking wastewater causes problems for treatment plants, study finds

March 22, 2013
According to a new study from the University Of Pittsburgh, wastewater treatment facilities are not able to remove all the pollutants from the water used in natural gas extraction.
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