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Articles Tagged with ''shale gas''

Countries around the world consider fracking after US success

January 29, 2013
Tempted by the U.S. shale gas revolution that could soon see that country top the charts in natural gas production, countries around the world are considering introducing the same technology, in the hope of achieving similar results.
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North America will become energy market leader by 2030, BP predicts

January 22, 2013
According to BP, the next two decades will witness strong growth in production of gas and oil from unconventional sources, which will cause a significant change in global energy markets.
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US coal production at risk of losing battle with shale gas

January 9, 2013
Coal consumption in the United States is going to fall by an estimated 14 percent between 2011 and 2017, as more power stations will be operating using cheap shale gas.
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Eagle Ford shale to boost US petrochemical export

January 7, 2013
Plentiful shale gas resources in Texas are set to help its petrochemical industry expand not just on the domestic market but also overseas.
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US chemicals industry again globally competitive

Natural gas as fuel and feedstock; demand growth from emerging economies
January 1, 2013
It’s all a matter of vocabulary. First the word “shale” entered the daily water-cooler discourse, along with “horizontal drilling” and “fracturing.” It wasn’t long before large swaths of the American public realized the natural-gas energy revolution was on.
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US ethylene boom on its way, report says

December 20, 2012
The ongoing shale revolution will see the U.S. ethylene industry surge in the near future, growing by more than a third by 2017, predicts the latest report from business intelligence experts GlobalData
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European butadiene market strong thanks to US shale gas

Feedstock for polymer resins typically not derived from natural gas
November 26, 2012
Despite waning local demand, European butadiene markets remain strong thanks to overseas export demand, according to GBI Research. Increased U.S. use of shale gas as an energy source is leading to a shortage of locally produced petrochemicals, boding well for the European butadiene market.
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