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Articles Tagged with ''wastewater treatment''

High Capacity Fractional Electrodeionization Stack

June 4, 2013
MEGA FEDI stacks are ideal for large capacity, high-flow systems normally required in heavy industrial projects such as power, petrochemicals, refinery and electronics for high purity water needs.
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Utah needs massive investment to tackle chemical pollution in water bodies

May 21, 2013
Utah might have to face a bill of $1.2 billion for tackling what regulators there believe is the most serious water problem the state has seen in the more than four decades since the federal Clean Water Act came into effect. The issue is related to the excess population of algae blooms in water that consume oxygen and threaten aquatic life.
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Liquid Polymer System

April 8, 2013
The dynaBLEND™ Liquid Polymer Dilution/Feed System from Fluid Dynamics eases the task of blending liquid polymers for wastewater processes because it is designed to effectively activate all types of liquid polymers.
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EPA to fund water quality education for New York City high schoolers

April 2, 2013
The funding will be used to educate New York City high school students about water quality and wastewater treatment and prepare them for environmental careers.
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California wastewater plant unable to meet food processors' demand

January 22, 2013
Despite having a state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly wastewater treatment plant, Petaluma city, Calif., is already unable to meet the increasing demand from the city's booming food processing industry.
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There’s sand involved, but it’s no day at the beach

January 15, 2013
The water consumed in oil & gas production is something tremendous. Folks in the water and wastewater treatment industry know it, and they’re introducing solutions that make continuing use of carbon-based energy more sustainable.
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Global demand for wastewater aeration systems set to grow

January 15, 2013
The wastewater aeration systems market is likely to see dramatic growth of up to 72 percent by 2020 and is estimated to reach a total global value of $8.39 billion.
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Hose Pump for Sludge

December 20, 2012
The Bredel hose pump reliably handles a variety of harsh materials, including abrasive sewage and slurry, making it ideal for the feeding of primary or thickened sludge to digesters or filter pressers.
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