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Articles Tagged with ''water pollution''

Nutrient pollution in EU drops despite manufacturing output increase

Most European countries have made significant progress in tackling nutrient pollution in water, even though industry output in many sectors that contribute to contamination has increased in recent years.
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UN: Polluted water kills more people than all forms of violence

Every year, two million tons of sewage and industrial and agricultural waste make their way into global waterways and the resulting contamination kills at least 1.8 million children, according to the United Nations Environment Program.
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Two chemical spills confirmed in North Carolina

City officials in Charlotte, N.C., have reported two unrelated incidents of chemical discharge into local waterways.
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Iowa environmentalists slam new Clean Water Act proposed rules

Iowa's newly proposed water regulation is not adequately designed to protect rivers and lakes from livestock farm pollution, a coalition including several environmental groups has claimed.
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Chemical pollution in Minnesota surface waters widespread, studies find

Two new studies by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) found that chemical pollution in the state's surface waters is more widespread than previously thought.
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