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Articles Tagged with ''desalination''

Massachusetts desalination plant to compete for prestigious award

April 10, 2014
A desalination plant in Swansea, Mass., has been shortlisted for the prestigious 2014 Global Water Award given out by Global Water Intelligence.
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Texas to look into desalination options

April 7, 2014
Texas is considering desalination as a possible way out of the water scarcity crisis it is facing due to extensive drought.
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Solar desalination could cut costs, provide solution for drought-stricken areas

March 18, 2014
The drought in California may prove to be one of the biggest challenges the state has ever faced, as a number of experts predict that it may continue for years or even decades.
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Global desalination market to reach $3.92 billion in 2014

February 27, 2014
New technology has developed significantly over the past few years, allowing manufacturers of desalination system equipment to make their products more efficient and less energy-consuming.
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Desalination becomes more viable in California as costs drop

February 20, 2014
In an attempt to deal with the severe drought it has been experiencing, California is turning to desalination projects and is allocating millions of dollars to develop technologies that can turn ocean water into potable water.
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Scientists develop desalination method that also purifies water

February 18, 2014
Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a method to desalinate sea water and purify it at the same time, removing bacteria and particulates from it.
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San Diego desalination plant marking first year of construction

January 31, 2014
The plant is lauded as the largest seawater desalination facility in the Western Hemisphere and is estimated to be costing about $1 billion.
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Chilean mines may be required to use desalinated water

January 14, 2014
Chilean members of parliament are proposing a bill that would require mining companies to use desalinated water in mining processes, in a bid to reduce fresh water consumption while meeting the industry's growing water needs.
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Share of private ownership in desalination projects increases

December 19, 2013
The Global Desalination Market Trends & Ownership Strategies 2014-2018 report found that the Middle East will continue to play a crucial role in the development of the desalination market.
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Florida should explore desalination options, expert says

December 4, 2013
Florida needs to focus on desalination and invest in projects that could turn seawater into freshwater as it is facing a serious water scarcity problem.
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