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Gazprom to take over huge gas storage facility in Germany

Russian natural gas giant Gazprom will acquire Western Europe's largest underground gas storage facility this fall, according to media reports.
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Gazprom signs 30-year gas delivery contract with China

Russia and China have signed a historic 30-year gas delivery deal that is estimated to be worth more than $400 billion.
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Russia brings back Yamal - Europe-2 pipeline project

A plan for the construction of a second strand of the Yamal - Europe-2 pipeline project for the section from the Belarusian border via Poland to Slovakia has been proposed by Russian gas giant Gazprom.
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Russia signs 'breakthrough' energy deal with China

Russia and China have finally agreed to sign a memorandum on natural gas supplies after many years of negotiating the terms of the deal, as both parties have overcome their disagreements over pricing and potential routes.
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Gazprom presses ahead with South Stream, asks EU for special status

The South Stream pipeline project that will see Russian natural gas flow to Eastern and Central Europe carried by pipes laid under the Black Sea and across the Balkans is moving ahead.
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