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Canadian oil company to develop existing assets amid rising North Sea investments

June 18, 2013
Canadian oil and gas company CNR International, Inc. is looking to take advantage of a recently introduced tax break and invest more than $470 million in one of the oldest North Sea oil fields.
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Investment in US oil and gas industry hits highest level in decade

June 7, 2013
The top 50 U.S. oil and gas companies spent $185.6 billion on exploration and developing new production in the United States in 2012, according to a new study.
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GE to invest billions to improve fracking

June 3, 2013
GE believes that its efforts could mitigate the effects from fracking on the environment and could bring about innovative technology that would increase profit for clients.
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East Coast refiners going strong despite bleak predictions

May 22, 2013
According to the most recent EIA weekly oil data, the U.S. East Coast has reached a record high rate of refining capacity at 93.8 percent, with a total crude processing capacity at 1.293 million barrels per day.
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Obama administration proposes new rules for fracking operations

May 20, 2013
The rules would require all fracking operators to disclose some of the chemicals used in the process, in a move to address concerns over the impact of fracking on waterways and air.
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Investors withdraw from clean energy, turn to drilling

May 7, 2013
In recent years some investors and businesses have focused on development of renewable energy resources and tried to move away from fossil-fuel based energy. But solar and wind power and biofuels have failed to live up to initial expectations, while natural gas and oil industries have made huge gains.
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US oil and gas reserves outstrip previous estimates

May 6, 2013
New figures released by the Obama administration suggest that the United States has twice the previously announced amount of oil and three times the amount of natural gas under the states of Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota.
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UK publishes new oil and gas strategy

April 22, 2013
The British coalition government has announced the UK Oil and Gas Industrial Strategy, which demonstrates the country's renewed interest in utilizing reserves in the North Sea.
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UK oil and gas output expected to increase by 2017

April 15, 2013
The decline in the UK's oil and gas production in the North Sea is likely to prove short-term and is predicted to pick up thanks to better technology and renewed interest from investors.
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SNF to build specialty chemicals plant in northeast England

April 8, 2013
SNF Oil and Gas Limited, a subsidiary of French-based water-soluble polymer producer SNF Group, has announced plans to build a specialty chemical plant in northeast England that will employ approximately 250 workers.
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