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Desalination key to future water systems

June 5, 2014
As technology advances and new equipment is developed, methods have been vastly improved and the scope of desalination has been expanded to reuse of agricultural water and industrial effluent.
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Texas city considers sewage recycling to fight drought

March 4, 2014
Wichita Falls, Texas, is considering a radical new approach to deal with drought and water management issues that have caused concerns among residents and businesses recently.
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Canadian startup develops low-cost method for industrial wastewater treatment, reuse

February 19, 2014
A Vancouver startup has closed a $5.6-million Series-A financing round that will help the company develop technology for reusing industrial wastewater.
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Abu Dhabi presents new water management strategy

February 11, 2014
Abu Dhabi is planning to completely eliminate the disposal of treated wastewater into the environment over the next four years.
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Singapore signs water R&D agreement with EPA

July 9, 2013
Singapore's national water agency PUB and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will be working together on a series of water management issues.
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Texas wastewater treatment plant turns sewage into drinking water

May 17, 2013
The $13 million plant in Big Spring mixes sewage that has been treated to drinking-water standards with treated water from lakes.
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Los Angeles looks to rainwater catchment to curb pollution

April 9, 2013
Officials hope that these projects would keep runoff pollution out of waterways and help bolster groundwater supplies, which could be used for drinking water.
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Space-age water treatment less constrained by gravity

March 21, 2013
Are water markets around the world getting serious about conservation and reuse?
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Nearly 60% of EU's waste ends up in incinerators, landfills

March 8, 2013
As much as 60% of municipal waste in the European Union still ends up in landfills or incinerators, a new report has claimed, highlighting the need for new measures to encourage the reuse of materials and reduce wasteful consumption.
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Microwave-powered Ultraviolet Disinfection System

March 5, 2013
The MicroDynamics® Series OCS721 from Severn Trent Services is a new microwave-powered, open channel, ultraviolet system for municipal wastewater disinfection and water reuse applications.
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