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High-volume Mixing System

This high-volume material mixing system is fully integrated with twin, high-speed, 2,500-pound capacity box dumpers and two 8-inch diameter discharge spouts.
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Low Shear Blending and Vacuuming Drying

Ross Vertical Blenders are ideal for low shear blending of powders, pellets, granules, fibers and other solids.
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Heavy-duty Horizontal Paddle Blender

This horizontal paddle blender features a working capacity of 450 gallons and stainless steel 304 product wetted parts.
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Mixers make instant coffee production in Thailand efficient

Specializing in production and packaging of instant coffee and tea, CMYK Ltd. was established in Thailand in 2001 as the exclusive co-manufacturer for what some say is the world’s biggest food company, Nestlé.
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How computational fluid dynamics is applied to mixer design

Graphic simulations help to make industrial mixing more a science
The use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling software has grown quickly over the last two decades based on the availability of increasing computing power.
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As production environments evolve, mobile system meets diverse mixing, blending needs

Oil & gas, other industries benefit from ability to mix chemicals at remote job site
Over the last decade, the economics of complex manufacturing have expanded to take into account truly global markets and swift-changing demand.
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Static Mixer for Turbulent Flow Applications

The new Kenics® UltraTab™ static mixer from Chemineer, Inc. is designed for turbulent flow applications where a high degree of mixing is required in a compact space.
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Multifunctional Processing System

The multifunctional Ystral PiloTec processing system is the newest generation of Ystral induction, mixing and dispersing equipment bringing established production processes to a laboratory or smaller scale.
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Powder and Liquid Delivery System

Hapman’s Solidquid powder and liquid delivery system automatically and precisely delivers dry bulk ingredients into a motive liquid stream to convey slurries, solutions or suspensions into mix tanks, blenders or other process equipment.
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The art of high shear mixing

The high-shear rotor/stator mixer, once relegated to a relatively narrow niche of mixing applications, has become a mainstay in many applications in the chemical process industries. The ability to apply
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