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Plastic ‘quick-connects’ expand lab- and industrial-equipment options

Plastic tube-fittings top metal quick-connects, author says, based on ergonomics, light weight and affordability
Based on 60 years of design evolution, and meeting stringent requirements for medical-device use, today’s plastic-tube connectors give equipment- and device-makers and users, lightweight, cost-efficient and reliable options for mission-critical applications.
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Plastic connectors: Many factors weigh in when choosing the right ones

Metal connectors continue to be supplanted in many industrial and laboratory applications
Diverse challenges confront industrial and laboratory original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in developing versatile, user-friendly, lightweight and cost-effective equipment and instrument solutions. One important, but not always fully appreciated, task is selecting tubing connectors for transfer and management of fluids and gases, particularly for mission-critical applications.
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