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Articles Tagged with ''oil & gas industry''

Colorado to implement first methane emission regulation

March 11, 2014
The state of Colorado will be the first to introduce regulation on methane emissions from oil and natural gas operations, after lawmakers approved proposals for strict control over smog.
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Enbridge gets approval for major pipeline reversal

March 10, 2014
Canada's National Energy Board has given the green light to Enbridge's plan to reverse the flow of the pipeline known as Line 9, carrying crude oil from Montreal to Sarnia, Ontario.
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US refiners boost capacity of existing facilities

March 5, 2014
Although the U.S. has not built a large refinery for decades, existing processing facilities are constantly expanding their capacity in a bid to meet demand for increasing fuel production.
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Researchers look into possible link between Texas earthquakes, injection wells

February 11, 2014
Researchers at Southern Methodist University have been collecting seismic data linked to the series of small earthquakes northwest of Fort Worth, Texas, in an attempt to determine whether they are related to wastewater injection wells.
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GE to invest $8 million in gas equipment manufacturing facility

February 10, 2014
Energy giant GE is planning to invest $8 million through its GE Oil & Gas Inc. unit on the expansion of its manufacturing facility in Schertz, Texas.
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Research links fracking to birth defects in babies

February 7, 2014
Babies born to mothers who live in areas near shale gas drilling wells are more likely to suffer birth defects, including congenital problems with their hearts and neural tube, a new study conducted by the Colorado School of Public Health warns.
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Eccentric Disc Pumps for Oil & Gas Industry

February 6, 2014
Mouvex® A Series Eccentric Disc Pumps have incorporated a variety of upgrades to meet the growing global demand within the oil & gas market.
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More mergers, acquisitions in US oil & gas industry in late 2013

February 3, 2014
Between October and December there were 182 M&A deals closed, worth a total of $115.9 billion.
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Shell looking to sell $1 billion stake in Gulf Coast pipeline

January 31, 2014
Royal Dutch Shell Plc is reported to be looking for a buyer for its stake in a major crude oil pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico, seeking offers worth approximately $1 billion.
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TransCanada ponders rail shipments if Keystone XL pipeline gets rejected

January 27, 2014
If the Keystone project is rejected, TransCanada will move on to build rail terminals in Alberta and Oklahoma and will start shipping by rail, its CEO Russ Girling said.
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