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Stainless Steel Wastewater Air Valves

Val-Matic Valve & Mfg. Corp. offers all-stainless steel wastewater air valves in sizes 1 inch to 4 inches for single housing and sizes 1 inch to 8 inches for dual housing.
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Passive Explosion Isolation Valve

The VENTEX valve is designed for gas/dust/air mixtures, with one-way or two-way acting system options available as well as signaling options to meet specific application requirements.
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Rotary Valve for Rugged Dust Collection Applications

Designed specifically for rugged applications generating harsh or abrasive dusts, the CI Series of rotary valves from ACS Valves provides processing operations continuous performance, reduced maintenance and optimal energy efficiency.
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Dust Collector Valve

This Trickle Valve System is equipped with a replaceable Silicone duck bill sleeve that can operate in temperatures of up to 500 F.
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Sometimes the problem is putting it back together

The weld-end ball valves found in many process-control applications can be a problem. For many years engineering firms have searched for valves with extended pipe ends. The issue: Rapid heat transfer from the welding process can damage valve seat and seal materials, if not properly handled.
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