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Free Chlorine Sensors for Water Treatment and Disinfection

May 21, 2013
Sensorex’s FCL500 series free chlorine sensors use advanced amperometric measurement technology to provide highly accurate monitoring of free chlorine in process applications.
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Canada lagging behind other countries in wastewater treatment

May 15, 2013
Canada's methods of wastewater treatment are old-fashioned, ineffective and nothing short of a national embarrassment, according to the head of Lake Ontario Waterkeepers.
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EPA awards more than $500 million to repair water treatment plants damaged in Hurricane Sandy

May 7, 2013
EPA is providing grants of $340 million to the state of New York and $229 million to the state of New Jersey for improvements to water treatment facilities impacted by the hurricane.
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Grinding industrial water-price increases lead to conservation

May 1, 2013
Where does an operations manager in a mid-sized industrial enterprise turn when water-treatment bills sky-rocket? Because make no doubt about it, that’s what they're doing.
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FBI investigates break-in at Georgia water treatment plant

April 30, 2013
According to officials, someone broke into the plant and changed the system settings for chlorine and fluoride injection, which has resulted in the plant being shut down.
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Atlanta water treatment plant named top finisher in Energy Star National Building Competition

April 30, 2013
The Hemphill Water Treatment Plant & Pumping Station in Atlanta, Ga., was recognized for reducing its energy use by over 40 percent.
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Illinois Governor announces $21.5 million clean water project

April 16, 2013
Illinois Governor Pat Quinn announced on Monday a $21.5 million investment for a major upgrade of the Kankakee River Metropolitan Agency (KRMA) wastewater treatment plant that will create more than 600 construction jobs in the area.
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SNF to build specialty chemicals plant in northeast England

April 8, 2013
SNF Oil and Gas Limited, a subsidiary of French-based water-soluble polymer producer SNF Group, has announced plans to build a specialty chemical plant in northeast England that will employ approximately 250 workers.
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University of South Florida researchers demonstrate innovative water treatment device

April 4, 2013
Scientists at the University of South Florida (USF) have developed a new device that can detect contamination and purify polluted water in just a few hours.
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Dow Water announces partnership with Finland's Ahlstrom

April 3, 2013
Dow Water & Process Solutions has signed a collaboration agreement with Finnish company Ahlstrom that would allow it to use the Ahlstrom Disruptor technology for drinking water applications.
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