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Processing plant juices up its beverages

Submersible pumps take on storm-water runoff, acidic process water and bottle washing
One of the United States’ largest juice processors and marketers buys fresh-fruit juice from partners and suppliers and turns it into beverages sold around the world.
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Not everyone takes them for granted

Motor maker tracks future regulatory course; those without them can only wait
It’s difficult to conceive, isn’t it? In some places in Africa, Asia and elsewhere, not having things as simple as pumps, or way to get them, means people aren’t that far out of a stone age and can’t move even their water supplies? It’s different in the developed regions of Western Europe and the Americas.
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The on-going evolution to better, Internet-based pump buying

Google “buy pumps,” and you wind up in the ladies’ shoe department. But Google “buy industrial pumps,” and online marketplaces pop-up for all kinds of pumps heavily used in process industries. One website says it stands apart when it comes to keeping buyers -- and sellers -- “fully engaged.”
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Seal-less Drive Eccentric Disc Pumps for Chemical Applications

Mouvex® model SLC4 and SLC8 Seal-less Drive Eccentric Disc Pumps have been designed for use in general industry applications, as well as the handling of numerous chemical-based compounds, including isocyanates, polyols, additives, solvents, glues (starches and latex), paints and coatings (inks and resins), methacrylates and detergents.
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High-pressure Calibration Pump

The PGHP pump from Beamex is a pneumatic, high-pressure generator with air as the pressure medium. This pump is a practical, high-quality solution in calibrations where using liquids is forbidden, such as the gas industry.
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