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Articles Tagged with ''process industries''

Dashboards deliver data-driven decisions

Analytics-level intelligence equals energy and other type savings
A data island may be stumbled upon almost anywhere, and in any industry, but is found nowhere more frequently than in production plants and facilities.
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‘We’re in the Reliability Business,’ Emerson declares at annual Users Exchange

The event, which is run by a conference board made up of a majority of end-users and a minority of Emerson employees, attracted an estimated 3,200 attendees from 57 countries to partake in a range of technical sessions, networking opportunities and exhibits.
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Five reasons for doing cloud-computing in process industries

Including security concerns, a better way to deal with change and managed costs
For process manufacturers whose operations rarely stop — and sometimes are continuously in production for months on end — the ability to allow authorized personnel to access the same vital data from anywhere in the world, any time of day and from any device, would be a significant competitive advantage.
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The on-going evolution to better, Internet-based pump buying

Google “buy pumps,” and you wind up in the ladies’ shoe department. But Google “buy industrial pumps,” and online marketplaces pop-up for all kinds of pumps heavily used in process industries. One website says it stands apart when it comes to keeping buyers -- and sellers -- “fully engaged.”
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Computer-age coordination of age-old processes

Have you seen some of the things they do with industrial-plant software models today? As always, it’s the meshing of user roles that makes an integrated system sing.
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Availability, security and the internet of things

The question is not what the process industries are trying to accomplish by means of industrial information technology. But rather, Patricia T. Sparrell of Exxon Mobil says, “As you drive performance by opening up data and collaboration, how do you ensure cyber-security?”
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The Benefits of Using a Documenting Calibrator

Many process plants are under pressure to calibrate instruments quickly but accurately and to ensure that the results are then documented for quality assurance purposes and to provide full traceability.
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More content, in whatever format best suits

If you’ve been a fan of Global Processing, you may notice a subtle difference in our editorial approach this issue.
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You’ll want to receive our industry newsletters

In February, Processing will launch two new industry-focused electronic newsletters. To receive these and other of our electronic deliverables, go to
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Walk on virtual side strikes blow for integrated operations

The world of television commercials is chock full of “integrated enterprises” — not so ours.
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