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Articles Tagged with ''food industry''

'Gluten-free' definition standardized

August 7, 2013
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has standardized the definition of "gluten-free" in a move designed to help millions of Americans affected by celiac disease (CD).
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Increase in line speed at poultry plants could cause more injuries, contamination

July 26, 2013
The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) plans to introduce new rules at poultry plants that would see the speed of lines at processing facilities increase to 175 birds per minute, up from the current 140 birds per minute.
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High-pressure processing can reduce risk of food contamination, company claims

July 8, 2013
U.S.-based high-pressure processing solutions provider All Natural Freshness has announced the launch of its new buffering solution that could cut costs for food production and processing companies by offering increased contamination protection and eliminating the need for costly recalls almost entirely.
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Third of global food production wasted or lost

June 21, 2013
According to the United Nations 1.3 billion tons -- or a third of global food production -- is wasted or lost each year.
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New York college launches unique food processing technology course

June 19, 2013
Genesee Community College, situated in the western part of New York state, will provide qualified staff for food processing facilities in the area.
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Research reveals Final Rule compliance costs for US egg industry

June 18, 2013
In 2010, a new Final Rule that applied to all flocks of over 30,000 hens came into effect. The average annual cost for compliance with the Final Rule is $122,000 per complex.
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More states join GMO labeling debate

June 17, 2013
The question of informing consumers about genetically modified products has never been more topical, as more and more states join the lengthy debate over their safety in terms of public health.
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Food manufacturers focus on new products in 2013

June 7, 2013
The latest annual survey on research and development (R&D) among U.S. food manufacturers, reveals that almost half of the businesses will focus on brand new products in 2013.
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Meat, poultry, seafood packaging trends revealed

June 5, 2013
The U.S. meat, poultry and seafood packaging market will be driven by increased demand for flexible solutions, ready-to-eat packaging and poultry packaging applications over the years until 2017.
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European pumps market for food & beverage to focus on energy efficiency

May 20, 2013
Although the ongoing economic turmoil in Europe means that market participants are in for a bumpy ride, the processed food industry is set to bail out the European pumps market for the food and beverage industry over the short-term.
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