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Articles Tagged with ''energy efficiency''

‘Motor coalition’ asks DOE to reconsider proposed energy- efficiency rating change

Alternative suggested for rating increases that could cost hundreds of millions, impact both users and OEMs
Unless simply tired of the subject, almost anyone would agree that in the 21st century energy efficiency is a matter of considerable importance to the process industries. But, as per usual, how to get from here to there can quickly become a matter of heated debate.
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EPA recognizes Eastman Chemical for energy efficiency improvements

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recognized Eastman Chemical Company as a 2013 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year for strategically managing and improving energy efficiency during 2012.
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Rotary Valve for Rugged Dust Collection Applications

Designed specifically for rugged applications generating harsh or abrasive dusts, the CI Series of rotary valves from ACS Valves provides processing operations continuous performance, reduced maintenance and optimal energy efficiency.
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Energy-efficient Circulator

The Grundfos MAGNA3 is an energy‐optimized, variable-speed wet rotor circulator featuring a permanent magnet motor design that cuts power consumption up to 85 percent, as compared with other circulators in its class.
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The motor itself can also be more energy efficient

Brushless PM motor technology more efficient over broad operating range, author says; use of less costly, readily available ferrite magnets
NEMA Premium efficiency induction motors are considered by many to be the standard for integral horsepower, general-purpose, AC induction motors. While these motors raise the bar for energy efficiency, continuing improvement is both possible and cost-effective.
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