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Chemical engineers select top 10 inventions of modern era

Chemical engineers have voted on what they feel are the most important chemically engineered inventions and solutions of the modern era.
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Carnivorous plant inspires scientists to create protective coatings

A team at Harvard University has mimicked the carnivorous pitcher plant’s inner skin design to produce a transparent coating capable of being economically applied to almost any object -- large or small.
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Desalination plants to become more common in UK, study predicts

The Institution of Chemical Engineers is predicting that desalination plants could become more common on UK coastlines and estuaries by 2050 as population growth and the effects of climate change places increasing pressure on water supplies.
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Third of global food production wasted or lost

According to the United Nations 1.3 billion tons -- or a third of global food production -- is wasted or lost each year.
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Belfast professor wins international catalysis award

Chris Hardacre, head of chemistry and chemical engineering at Queen’s University Belfast, UK has been awarded the inaugural IChemE Andrew Medal in recognition of his contribution to the field of heterogeneous catalysis.
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