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Ohio legislators introduce bill to ensure safe drinking water

New legislation has been introduced by state and federal officials to help guarantee that drinking water in Ohio is safe for consumption.
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Toledo's water commissioner resigns following toxins scare

The commissioner of Toledo's troubled water treatment plant has been forced to resign, after toxins contaminated the city's water supply.
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Water utility reassures public over algae in Cape Fear River

Algae contamination in Lake Erie last week led to a shutdown of the public water system in Toledo, Ohio, but local water officials in Wilmington, North Carolina, have moved to reassure the public that there is no cause for concern in this case.
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Wisconsin to expand list of water bodies under phosphorus pollution threat

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is planning to expand its list of bodies of water under threat of long-term harm due to excessive amounts of phosphorus, which fuels toxic algae growth.
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Scientist calls for water management regulation review

Federal regulations on water management and water treatment should be reviewed and new policies implemented to provide full protection from pollutants and higher quality of water, according a leading U.S. specialist in algal blooms and cyanobacteria.
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US scientists look to turn algae into biofuel

Researchers at the University of Toledo, Ohio, are looking into ways to turn the abundant toxic algae in Lake Erie into fuel, hoping to develop a sustainable method for cleaning the water in the lake and producing energy.
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