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Flare and Combustor Gas Measurement: Applications, Regulations and Challenges

Flare and combustor gas flow monitoring requires a flow meter that meets the accuracy and periodic calibration verification requirements set by local environmental agencies. The Model FT3 meets and exceeds these requirements with its high accuracy and Calibration Validation feature.

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Thermal Mass Flowmeter for Precise Gas Measurement

Oil/gas engineers looking for a next-generation air/gas flow meter to support mud logging operations will find that the future-ready ST100 Series Thermal Mass Air/Gas Flow Meter from Fluid Components International (FCI) offers the ability to measure flare gas flows under variable and low flow rate conditions.
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Vent & flare gas metering in the oil & gas industry

Of available flow technology, what’s the best for petroleum-industry vent flare-gas measurement? The flowmeter thus specified must measure flows ranging from one foot to 100 feet per second, without restricting flow, and all the while accommodate gas composition changes.
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Measuring Flare Gas Within the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme

Measuring flare gas emissions in the offshore oil and gas industry is notoriously difficult. In fact, the EU commission recognized this and decided not to apply the same accuracy targets for flare gas as other important gas streams such as fuel gas, which, for Tier 3 is ± 2.5 percent.
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Flare Gas Flow Measurement and Control

In oil/gas production, refining and storage operations around the globe, flare gas systems are used to burn-off and dispose of waste, excess or off-gases, and as a safety system. The
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