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Articles Tagged with ''ultrafiltration''

Lightweight Ultrafiltration Booster Module

June 11, 2014
A new range of lightweight Grundfos booster modules made its U.S. debut at the American Water Works Association’s 2014 Conference and Exposition in Boston.
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Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration

May 27, 2014
Koch Membrane Systems, Inc.'s MegaPure™ hollow fiber product line is designed for high-solids water and wastewater applications, including surface water treatment, high total organic carbon (TOC) water treatment, reverse osmosis (RO) pretreatment and tertiary wastewater treatment.
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Implementing a PVC-membrane ultrafiltration package plant

Flow configurations, membrane materials, control schemes and maintenance practices are among issues discussed
August 1, 2013
Stricter regulation of drinking-water treatment has led to rapid growth in the use of membranes to treat challenging water sources. More specifically, hollow-fiber ultrafiltration is gaining acceptance in drinking water production.
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Industrial goods maker tackles water costs with ultrafiltration system

Meets twin goals of saving money and reducing environmental impact
March 1, 2013
When a maker of industrial fastening systems located in the Southwest United States looked to improve overall operations, one of the first projects it tackled was dealing with the vast amount of water associated with its part washing and annealing processes.
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Ultrafiltration Systems

February 5, 2013
PRAB's line of Ultrafiltration Systems separate emulsified oils and suspended solids from wastewater and coolant using hollow fiber, tubular or spiral wound membranes.
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