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Energy-efficient Bar Graph Meter

June 26, 2014
OTEK’s New Technology Meters (NTM) use nanotechnology and ultra-efficient LEDs to produce an automatic tricolor bargraph with four digit display that only requires 50mW of power from the signal.
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Digital and Analog Meter

May 28, 2014
NTM meters from Otek Corp. offer a digital display and tricolor bargraph with color set point. No moving parts make the instrument durable.
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Loop-powered Bargraph with Digital Display

February 17, 2014
OTEK’s new technology LPD Series 1/8-inch DIN Bargraph won’t let you ignore a failure.
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In the doctor’s own words

December 6, 2013
The significance of Tucson, Ariz.-based Otek’s product is best explained in the words of its founder, Dr. Otto Fest.
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Loop-powered Bar Meter

November 5, 2013
Using nanotechnology ASIC and high efficiency LEDs, the new bar-meter by OTEK rivals analog meters by requiring under 50mW of signal power versus ~20mW of analog meters.
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Genius, social intelligence and loop-powered process instrumentation

Incremental innovation instanced in loop-powered, tri-colored, HMI-compliant digital meter
May 1, 2013
To your mind, what’s more important — what’s more epoch-making, if you will — “individual genius” or “social intelligence?” The answer is that “no man is an island.”
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Triple Redundant Controller

February 12, 2013
Existing redundant process control systems are usually complex and expensive. This new fully redundant single unit controller TRC offers a low-cost alternative.
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