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Horsemeat scandal prompts food safety review in UK

U.K. Environment Safety Secretary Owen Paterson has ordered a strategic review of food safety in response to the recent horsemeat scandal that has rocked the UK's food industry and reverberated across Europe.
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Horse meat processing facility to be approved in New Mexico

While the scandal in Europe over horse meat pushed to the market as beef is still developing, a horse slaughtering plant may open in New Mexico and become the first authorized facility in the United States since 2007 to produce horse meat suitable for human consumption.
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Taco Bell ground beef found to contain horse DNA

Taco Bell said the beef, which originated from a supplier in Europe, has been withdrawn from sale.
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Nestlé launches project to deal with food contact chemicals in packaging

In a bid to deal with some of the challenges it faces with recycling, Nestlé is launching a project that aims to tackle food contact chemicals in recycled packaging.
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Water scarcity poses major threat to food industry, Nestlé CEO says

During his keynote speech at the annual City Food Lecture in London on Feb. 25, Nestlé CEO Paul Bulcke warned that water scarcity is one of the greatest threats facing the food industry.
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Tests show horse DNA in spaghetti bolognese meatballs

British supermarket chain Tesco said on Monday that the tests it had carried out on its own-brand frozen spaghetti bolognese products, which were pulled from store shelves last Wednesday, were positive for horse DNA.
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