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Articles Tagged with ''plant safety''

Electronic Warning Systems

July 29, 2014
ContiTech has developed innovative electronic conveyor belt warning and inspection systems to detect damage at an early stage and to determine the state of conveyor belts.
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Two workers injured in sulfuric acid incident at Tesoro refinery

March 18, 2014
The two contractors were carrying out maintenance work at a processing unit at the refinery when sulfuric acid spilled on them.
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LED Sight Glass Light

January 22, 2014
L.J. Star announced that a six diode version of its award-winning ESL55-EX LED sight glass light has received ATEX approval, making an extra -bright LED light available for hazardous environments that require stainless steel housings.
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Safety Helmet

November 15, 2013
Gateway Safety's Serpent® safety helmet is available in both Class C (vented) and Class E (unvented) versions.
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Improved chemical plant safety goal impeded by faulty accident data

August 27, 2013
About 90% of all national data on chemical plants in the United States is wrong, suggesting that the real risk of an incident occurring cannot be accurately estimated, according to a new investigation.
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US oil refineries 'cut corners' in safety, report claims

August 23, 2013
Oil refineries in the United States are far more dangerous than those in the European Union, with incidents occurring at least once a week, a report commissioned by California's Interagency Task Force on Refinery Safety claims.
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Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

August 22, 2013
Littelfuse's SB6100 Series Industrial Shock-Block™ is the first and only ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) device to meet UL 943C Class C and Class D requirements.
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Bucket Elevator and Conveyor Hazard Monitoring System

August 19, 2013
The Watchdog™ Elite hazard monitoring system from 4B Components is a user-programmable, microprocessor controlled bucket elevator and conveyor monitor.
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Nitrogen leak at Intel plant sickens 43 workers

July 2, 2013
The gas leak occurred early on June 29 at Intel's second-largest facility, located in Chandler, about 25 miles east of Phoenix. The victims suffered nausea, difficulty in breathing and skin and eye irritation.
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Explosion at Louisiana chemical plant kills one, injures 77

June 18, 2013
An explosion at a chemical plant in the state of Louisiana last week killed at least one person and injured 77 more, local officials have said.
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