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EIA: Refineries unable to deal with increasing proportion of light crudes

Production of U.S. light crude oil and condensates is likely to continue dominating the domestic oil market, accounting for the majority of extra oil extracted over the next two years.
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Two-thirds of oil-by-rail supplies to California come from Canada

According to data from the state's Energy Commission, 709,014 barrels of crude from Canada were shipped by rail to California in December 2013.
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US oil refineries 'cut corners' in safety, report claims

Oil refineries in the United States are far more dangerous than those in the European Union, with incidents occurring at least once a week, a report commissioned by California's Interagency Task Force on Refinery Safety claims.
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EPA agrees to update oil refinery emissions standards

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has announced plans to change the toxic emissions standards for oil refineries, a set of rules that have not been updated for nearly 20 years.
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EIA releases annual Refinery Capacity Report

This year's report paints a picture of a market governed by refinery expansions, sales and closures, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) said.
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Regulator Packs for Safe Operation of Valves

Smith Flow Control has introduced a series of Filter Regulator Lube (FRL) packs to ensure the right amount of torque is set to the company’s Easi-Drive system
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