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Untreated sewage from Montreal dumped directly into St. Lawrence River

Sewage waste is being released directly into the Saint Lawrence River in Montreal, following heavy rainfalls because the Canadian city's sewage waste mixes with rainwater during rain storms.
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Mixed opinions on water problems

Money and finance are the problems; information technology is the fix; which side are you on?
It’s said, often, that infrastructure for water provision to U.S. populations and industry is at a near-crisis stage. And there are signs that it’s the case. Yet because so many water sources are free, and for other reasons, the dollars-and-cents incentives that lead to decisive action often aren’t there.
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US water systems market creates opportunities for private investments

A new regulatory landscape in the United States is creating investment opportunities for private companies willing to invest strategically in US water markets.
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Aging infrastructure remains key challenge for US water industry

Old infrastructure and need for capital are the main challenges that the U.S. water industry faces, according to a new report by consultancy WeiserMazars LLP.
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Aging water infrastructure, capital needs remain unaddressed, survey finds

The most significant challenges facing the U.S. water industry remain aging infrastructure and capital needs, according to the 2014 U.S. Water Industry Outlook by accounting, tax and advisory services firm Weisermazars.
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Obama signs water resources bill into law

The federal Water Resources Reform and Development Act (WRRDA) has officially become law, after President Obama signed the bipartisan document on June 10.
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Parts of Toronto's infrastructure pollute tap water with lead

The city of Toronto has released data showing that a significant proportion of the tap water delivered to residents contains elevated levels of lead.
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EPA, USDA join forces to ensure safe water supply to U.S.-Mexico border communities

Joint efforts by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced in April aim to improve wastewater infrastructure and access to clean drinking water along the U.S.-Mexico border.
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Need for water great, spending huge

Middle East, Latin America and the United States commit varying resources to infrastructure spending
McKinsey Global Institute estimates that the world needs to spend as much as $2.7 billion a year to upgrade global infrastructure and support growing population.
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Water leaders urge passage of water infrastructure legislation

More than 130 water utility leaders from 46 states traveled to Capitol Hill on April 1 to advocate for the creation of a Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Authority during the American Water Works Association’s Water Matters! Fly In.
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