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US fracking companies go green

May 21, 2014
In a bid to ease environmental concerns and improve public perception of the industry, oil and gas companies are investing in innovative technologies that can mitigate or prevent the impact of fracking operations.
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EPA seeks public comment on fracking chemicals disclosure

May 19, 2014
EPA has announced plans to seek public comment on potential disclosure regulation, as well as input on possible non-regulatory approaches to the matter.
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Fracking could pose threat to water utilities, report warns

May 12, 2014
Potential contamination, reduced water supplies and infrastructure and cost pressure due to fracking mean that water utilities could suffer severe credit deterioration.
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Texas family wins lawsuit against fracking company

May 6, 2014
A family from North Texas was awarded close to $3 million in damages after a jury found that their air and water had been contaminated by an oil and gas company.
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Japan launches first fracking operations

April 11, 2014
Commercial production of shale oil in the northern prefecture of Akita will start at a much smaller scale than in the United States.
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Water recycling could help fracking companies deal with water shortages

April 10, 2014
Recycling technology allows oil-field water containing salts and dozens of chemical elements to be cleaned and reused over and over again.
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Study raises concerns over leaks from fracking wells

March 27, 2014
Scientists have warned that at least 6 percent of fracking wells could suffer structural defects that could lead to leaks and contaminate the environment.
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Europe may reconsider stance on fracking

March 25, 2014
Recent political events in Ukraine and Russia's involvement may cause some EU member-states to reconsider their stance towards hydraulic fracturing.
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Colorado to implement first methane emission regulation

March 11, 2014
The state of Colorado will be the first to introduce regulation on methane emissions from oil and natural gas operations, after lawmakers approved proposals for strict control over smog.
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Connecticut environmental groups call for ban on fracking wastewater

March 6, 2014
Connecticut may impose a ban on storing and recycling wastewater generated as a byproduct of natural gas operations if lawmakers decide to move ahead with a proposed bill.
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