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Fracking fluids, chemicals market to reach $20.4 billion in 2018

January 24, 2014
The key growth driver for the fracking fluids and chemicals market is the need to tap more unconventional oil and gas reserves.
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Fracking company to pay record fine for Clean Water Act violations

December 31, 2013
U.S. fracking company Chesapeake Energy has been hit with the largest civil penalty ever imposed for water contamination.
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Fracking chemicals can act as hormone disruptors, researchers claim

December 18, 2013
The team of scientists examined in laboratory conditions 12 chemicals that were commonly used in fracking and were either known to be endocrine disruptors or were suspected to have such properties.
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Fracking uses more water than thought, study claims

December 11, 2013
In one of the states where fracking has become a day-to-day business, authorities have found that, in order for the fuel to flow, "maintenance water" is also required.
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Fracking regulation might weaken economic growth, US Chamber of Commerce claims

December 5, 2013
A study on the effects of oil and gas drilling operations using fracking, due to be released next year, might prevent the United States from becoming the world's most powerful energy producer, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce warns.
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Texas oil company develops fracking method using no freshwater

November 25, 2013
Instead of relying on freshwater that is extremely scarce, the company utilizes brackish water from the Santa Rosa aquifer and is recycling water from its own wells.
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EU working on tighter fracking regulation

November 13, 2013
The European Parliament supports an amendment to the EU's Environmental Impact Assessment Directive, which states that all operations for hydraulic fracturing for coal bed methane and for shale and shale-like formations should go through environmental impact assessments.
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Michigan to introduce new fracking rules

November 5, 2013
Michigan lawmakers are working on a set of new rules regarding the hydraulic fracturing technique for extracting natural gas, also known as fracking.
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California environmental study on fracking to take up to 18 months

October 30, 2013
California has launched an environmental review on the effects of hydraulic fracturing, which is expected to give state lawmakers a better idea of fracking's impact.
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Wyoming proposes rules to protect groundwater from fracking operations

October 29, 2013
The state of Wyoming has closed its public consultation of new draft rules that aim to protect groundwater from contamination associated with fracking operations.
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