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French court to decide if fracking ban is unconstitutional

October 4, 2013
The ban on hydraulic fracturing as a method to extract natural gas and oil in France will come under review next month in a French court. Judges will have to decide if the ban is against the constitution, as oil and gas companies have claimed.
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California governor signs fracking regulation bill

September 25, 2013
Starting next year, companies that wish to develop the natural gas and oil reserves of California will have to apply for a permit not just for fracking operations but also for using various chemical substances to dissolve shale rock.
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Fracking wastewater spills may put Colorado's water supplies at risk

September 23, 2013
While communities in north-central Colorado are still trying to come to terms with the devastation after the massive floods caused by heavy rain over the past week, another cause for concern has emerged.
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Study links Texas earthquakes to extraction works

September 17, 2013
A new report analyzes a series of tremors occurring in areas near the Eagle Ford shale in Texas over a period of three years.
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Pennsylvania files charges against XTO Energy over fracking wastewater spill

September 16, 2013
XTO Energy Inc., an Exxon Mobil subsidiary, is facing criminal charges in Pennsylvania for discharging 50,000 gallons of fracking wastewater from a storage tank at its facility into state waterways.
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Study links fracking wastewater injection to Ohio earthquakes

September 10, 2013
Fracking activities are the most likely cause of the series of earthquakes in Youngstown, Ohio, two years ago, new research published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters has found.
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US economy benefits from drilling boom

September 5, 2013
Increased drilling operations in states like Pennsylvania, North Dakota and Arkansas have resulted in economic growth not just in the areas close to drilling sites but across the entire country.
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Arkansas residents start legal action against fracking companies over earthquakes

August 29, 2013
A group of residents in Greenbrier, Ark., has launched the first lawsuit against fracking companies, which accuses them of causing earthquakes with their operations.
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Preliminary report reveals effect of fracking on public health

August 28, 2013
A new preliminary report from the Southwest Pennsylvania Environmental Health Project has revealed that at least 27 people in one Pennsylvania county developed health conditions related to fracking over a period of 18 months.
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Study finds increased arsenic levels in groundwater near fracking sites

August 22, 2013
A study has added new evidence to the long list of findings suggesting that fracking for natural gas could be harmful to groundwater.
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