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Articles Tagged with ''oil industry''

Welding issues major cause of pipeline failures

The question of efficiency and safety of pipes produced decades ago and in use almost as many years has recently caused much debate, following a number of pipeline ruptures that have caused problems across the U.S.
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North Dakota refinery construction gets underway

Industries in North Dakota are excited at the prospect of having the first U.S. refinery built since 1976.
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ExxonMobil faces $1.7 million fine for Yellowstone River oil spill

The U.S. Department of Transportation is proposing a $1.7 million fine for ExxonMobil as a result of the July 2011 crude oil pipeline failure in the Yellowstone River.
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Chevron expects 25% output growth by 2017

At its annual meeting with analysts, held in New York City, the company announced that as much as 98 percent of its targeted production by 2017 was already in design, construction or production.
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Federal ethanol mandate could disrupt fuel supply, refineries warn

According to the American Petroleum Institute trade group, government requirements for refineries to use corn ethanol or other biofuels might cause a serious problem with fuel supply this year.
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New directive proposed for EU oil and gas companies

The European Commission (EC) has proposed new regulations that could require oil and gas companies operating on European Union territory to submit emergency response plans and show evidence that they are able to fund the fixing of potential environmental damage caused during operation.
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