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Nestlé recalls Hot Pocket products linked to Rancho Feeding beef

The recall was initiated following last week's news that California-based Rancho Feeding Corporation was recalling millions of pounds of beef from diseased animals.
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Nestlé, Mars charged with price-fixing in Canada

Canadian authorities have charged two of the biggest chocolate producers, Nestlé and Mars, with conspiring over price-fixing with other companies, including Hershey, the Competition Bureau announced last week.
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Nestlé launches project to deal with food contact chemicals in packaging

In a bid to deal with some of the challenges it faces with recycling, Nestlé is launching a project that aims to tackle food contact chemicals in recycled packaging.
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Water scarcity poses major threat to food industry, Nestlé CEO says

During his keynote speech at the annual City Food Lecture in London on Feb. 25, Nestlé CEO Paul Bulcke warned that water scarcity is one of the greatest threats facing the food industry.
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