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Tanker-Truck Grounding System Protects Three Ways

January 28, 2008
The new code-compliant Earth-Rite RTR™ system from Newson Gale is based on triple technology to ensure safe static grounding during transfer of flammable products to or from a tanker truck.
Called TRI-Mode™ technology, the new system electronics confirms a positive connection between the truck and the RTR system and confirms a positive connection between the truck and ground, then constantly monitors both connections throughout the transfer process. Transfer cannot begin until all three modes have confirmed the safety of the connections and transfer will be interrupted should the system sense a resistance above 10 ohms.
Unlike conventional grounding apparatus, the Earth-Rite RTR system provides true failsafe grounding confirmation using patented intrinsically safe electronics and a universal ground clamp. Importantly, the assurance of a low-resistance connection specifically from truck to ground eliminates the bypassing of a grounding system by an accidental connection to the loading gantry or other metallic elements of the facility.
The system has been tested by independent examiners and has a Safety Integrity Level of SIL2 (according to IEC 61508). Code compliance includes FM and ATEX hazardous area approvals for gas, liquid vapor and dust environments while conforming to best practice guidelines of NFPA 77 and CENELEC 50504, ensuring that rubber-tire transport trucks are properly grounded before and during transfer of flammable liquids. Also, an RTR system can be mounted at remote loading stations and connected to local verified ground point, making significant savings possible in terms of both installation and maintenance costs.
The Earth-Rite RTR™ static grounding system for tanker trucks is just part of the Cenelectrex® range of static grounding and bonding equipment available from Newson Gale Inc., the Lakewood, NJ based specialists in static control for hazardous areas.