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Load and unload bulk bags without need for forklift

December 1, 2012

Flexicon_BLOCK-BUSTEROne thing immediately impressive about Bethlehem, Pa.-based Flexicon Corp.’s website is the sheer breadth of process and industry case use examples found therein. But maybe in other ways it’s not so surprising. The company says it’s a maker of bulk handling equipment systems that transport, discharge, fill, weigh, blend, deliver or feed all kinds of powder and bulk solids, and there is a lot of that going around.

The Breakthrough Product award-winning BLOCK-BUSTER Bulk Bag Conditioner loosens bulk solid materials that have solidified during storage and shipment, enabling bulk bag unloaders to discharge the material through bag spouts.

A hydraulically actuated, variable-height turntable allows automated in-frame bag rotation and conditioning of bulk bags at varying heights. Two hydraulic rams with specially contoured end plates, press opposing sides and corners of bulk bags. The number and pressure of hydraulic ram actuations, the height of the turntable and the degree of rotation are user-programmable.

The conditioner is recommended for bulk bags containing hygroscopic chemicals, certain spice blends, heat-sensitive products and other materials prone to solidifying to the point at which pneumatically-actuated flow promotion accessories integral to bulk bag dischargers are inefficient or completely ineffective.