Processing Magazine

Powder and Liquid Delivery System

March 17, 2015

Hapman-SolidquidHapman’s Solidquid powder and liquid delivery system automatically and precisely delivers dry bulk ingredients into a motive liquid stream to convey slurries, solutions or suspensions into your mix tank, blender or other process equipment. In addition to dramatically reducing mix times, the Solidquid instantly creates non-viscous mixtures, which provides downstream processing efficiencies, reduces energy costs, creates less dust, and uses less floor space when compare to other pre-mixing options. Material can be discharged from a bulk bag unloader into a feeder, which volumetrically or gravimetrically measures it in to a solids eductor. The Solidquid also works with vacuum conveyors or flexible screw conveyors so material can be manually pulled into the system for processing minor ingredients. The Solidquid operation creates a high-velocity jet that pulls dry material through the wetting cone. The motive process liquid supplied to the eductor inlet creates a vacuum, pulling the dry material into suspension and disperses them evenly into the effluent flow.