Processing Magazine

Permanent Filter Design for Enhanced Product Recovery

March 11, 2013

Herding-BinVentThe Herding HSL series sinter-plate filter design produced by Herding Filtration features a proprietary new coating that optimizes pressure drop, promoting direct energy savings — up to 10 to 15 percent less energy than previous designs — according to field testing results. The improved coating also provides HEPA comparable performance. Reducing or eliminating the need for HEPA filters contributes to additional energy savings. The Herding HSL series is FDA approved for food applications. It enables high separationefficiency and allows for 100% contamination-free product recovery. HSL series filters are designed for permanent use — the elements can be washed and reused and the base body can be recoated. They make efficient use of space with a design that typically requires 20-30 percent less floor space than traditional filtration units. Herding filter elements are available in various sizes and configurations with filter areas from 5.8 ft2 to 82 ft2.