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Progressing Cavity Pumps for Oil and Gas Applications

March 19, 2013

Moyno-2000-Pump_LACTMoyno® 2000 progressing cavity pumps are ideal for lease automatic custody transfer (LACT) applications in the oil and gas industry. When transferring ownership of liquid hydrocarbons between a buyer and a seller through an LACT Unit, Moyno 2000 pumps provide performance and cost-saving benefits. Moyno 2000 pumps are less expensive, more reliable and have a smaller footprint than piston and gear pumps -- major benefits when selecting pumps for LACT Units. The Moyno pump is well recognized for its superior capability in handling abrasive fluids, efficiently providing long service life and a positive return on investment. Moyno 2000 pumps provide: low shear; steady, non-pulsating flow; reliable accuracy in transferring to the pipeline; smaller footprint and lower costs compared to piston and gear pumps; and effective handling of abrasive fluids and high pressures.