Processing Magazine

Hybrid Mixers and Slow Speed Agitators

March 26, 2013

KSB_AmapropKSB biogas systems implement a combination of its hybrid mixers and slow speed agitators to reduce mixer energy requirements by 50 to 75 percent. KSB slow speed agitators accelerate the bulk flow of the substrate throughout the reactor and generate local shear flow to release gas bubbles from fermenting liquid. These slow speed agitators are much more energy-efficient than traditional turbulence generators and can handle large flow volumes while delivering high thrust. KSB Amaprop 1000 hybrid mixers, which are specifically designed for use in biogas applications, combine all the benefits of an agitator with the turbulence-generation of a traditional mixer. If substrate viscosity increases, hybrid mixers can adjust the conveying action to offset the increase and maintain optimal flow.