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Micro-ingredient Feeder

September 19, 2013

K-Tron MT16 micro-ingredient feederK-Tron’s micro-ingredient feeder line has been expanded to include interchangeable MT12 mm and MT16 mm twin-screw feeding modules, or MS12 mm and MS16 mm single-screw feeder modules. The interchangeable twin-to-single-screw feed modules provide versatility to handle a broad range of materials from powders to granular materials. The overall feed rate capacity is from 0.02 dm³ / hour to 27 dm³ / hour. The new design allows for extended screw profiles, with a smaller overall footprint, allowing for closer discharge dimensions, ideal for multi-ingredient cluster arrangements. The unit is easy to take apart, clean and maintain, with a totally enclosed weight sensor and drive motor with improved higher torque for handling difficult materials. The new MT16 micro-ingredient feeder is ideal for applications feeding high value / high cost additives in any food, pharmaceutical, plastics and chemical process that require second to second performance with a high degree of accuracy. Typical applications include feeding jet mills, continuous extrusion processes and any application where expensive micro ingredients require accurate feeding.